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From February 3 you can use the new game application Zeni quiz. Answer the questions and win mobile data.


To use the service, download Zeni Quiz Application, complete registration and dial the service activation USSD code. After Zeni quiz will offer 20 different questions with possible answers. Questions are different -famous persons, sports, movies, songs and so on in photos, videos, and audio formats.

Detailed information about the service is on the website


Service Activation:


To download the application please enter USSD Code - *131*2#ok


In order to download Zeni quiz follow the links





Service price

  • Service is free of charge first 3 days, and then the daily subscription fee is 29 tetri.
  • If there is no sufficient amount on the balance, service won’t be available.
  • If the balance is not filled within 5 days for the subscription fee, the service will be canceled.


Points Distribution

You will receive 50 points for each correct answer, and if you give the correct answers in sequence, you will be added 10 points for each question, up to a maximum of 100 points.

For example, if you answer 7 questions in sequence correctly, you will get:

1st question - 50 points
2nd question - 60 points
3rd question - 70 points
4th question - 80 points
5th question - 90 points
6th question - 100 points

100 is the maximum score you can get for one question, therefore, for the 7th correct answer you will get 100 points again, the 8th question - again 100, and so on.

In case of an incorrect answer, you will not lose the accumulated points, but you will no longer accrue +10 points for each subsequent correct answer. Consequently, after a wrong answer, you will get 50 points on the first correct answer.




The subscriber who earns the most points will win a certain number of MBs. Note that if several subscribers accumulate the same number of points, the winner will be the one who will have less time spent answering.

The time spent answering means the time between the display of the correct answers and the selection of the expected one while playing. 

The winner of the day will be credited with MBs the next day, and the winner of the week - the next Monday. The subscriber will receive information about the prize via SMS.

The prize for the winner of the day is 1000 MB. For the winner of the week, the prizes are distributed as following:

1st place - 4000 MB
2nd place - 3000 MB
3rd place -2000 MB
4th place - 1000 MB
5th place - 500 MB


Service Deactivation:

Service deactivation is possible with USSD code *131*5# or with STOP by sending to number 90913.

Confirmation of deactivation will be sent by SMS.

Contact information:

In case of questions, subscribers can call Zeni Quiz Call Center on number 995 574114383 or email with: info@intellic.ge

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