Rules and conditions for reviewing the claim/complaint

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Rules and conditions for reviewing the claim/complaint

It is important for us to provide the customers with comprehensive information about the products and services offered by the company, to make them feel protected and be sure that we always act within the terms of the contract.


For any issues related to network services, the subscriber can contact us:


  • At the Call Center at the number 110101 from Cellfie, or +995 32 2200611 from other networks, 24/7
  • Online chat from 09:00 to 22:00;
  • In the Cellfie store.


Any application of the user will be processed within the shortest time through these channels.


In case the customer wants to file a complaint in writing, he/she can fill out a special application form on the Cellfie website.



An application that meets the following requirements shall be admitted for consideration:


  • The issue is described in the application form in full, the request is specifically stated and the circumstances based on that request are described;
  • The identity document of the owner/user of the subscriber number is attached to the application.
  • The application does not require sending a detailed extract.
  • Resolving the issue does not require verifying a number owned by a third party.


Terms of application review:


  • The Company reviews the application and makes a decision on whether or not to satisfy the claim in whole or in part.
  • The deadline for reviewing the application and making the relevant decision is 15 days.
  • In case of resolving the issue mentioned in the application in favor of the customer, the subscriber will be notified orally, unless it is requested to send it in writing.
  • If postal services are selected as the way to receive a response, but the subscriber does not receive a letter at the address indicated by him, the letter is returned back to the Cellfie office and you can pick it up at the address: Tbilisi, st. Mechanization 1 on weekdays from 11-16 hours.


In case the company's decision is unacceptable for the customer, he/she can contact the Public Defender of Consumers’ Service under the Communications Commission at +995 32 2399505, or by e-mail:

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