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Cellfie is a brand created entirely by us. We wanted the new name to convey a connection to both telecommunications and the digital world.

Our goal remains customer satisfaction.  With even more energy, we continue to take care to create the best possible experience for you when using Cellfie services. Our customers will always have the best offerings on the market. This approach has guided us in creating new rates and packages.

You do not need to change anything. The phone will automatically ask you to update the services that have been refreshed, such as the mobile application.

Do I have to change my SIM card?

You do not need to change your SIM card. You will continue to use the number as usual.

It is not necessary to change the SIM card. You will continue to use the number as usual.

You will continue to use all the products and services activated for the number as usual. Auto-update will also work as before. Simply, if the old tariff or package is disabled, you cannot reactivate it. You can find new, upgraded tariffs and packages on cellfie.ge and in the MyCellfie app.

You do not need to register again. You can log in with your personal account using your existing login and password.

It is not necessary, the existing contract is still valid.

From now on, you will find us on social media under the name Cellfie.

No, the call center number remains the same. You can again call us 24/7 at 110101.

There is no need to download the app again. The app will ask you to update and then you can use the MyCellfie app. You will have the same username and password as before.

From now on, the company is called Cellfie, so you will find the same name in the payment machines and online banking. Please search for MyCellfie and select the service you want.

The index and number will remain the same.

We are offering a new WOW Days promo. You can find information about specific offers on social media, the website and the MyCellfie app.

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